10 Leasing Hacks in 30 Minutes


Your ultimate goal should be to convert your prospective leads faster and maintain a thoughtful relationship with your residents. Here are 10 hacks to make reaching that goal easier.

Leasing Hack #1 The Mindset Stop “Selling” and Start “Attracting”
You do not need to pressure or push people into a decision as this will cause your prospects to shut down and look to someone else for help. Instead, think of it as a dating process where the goal is building mutual interest. Focus on listening and engaging with the other person so you can understand their needs.

Leasing Hack #2 Develop a Phone Voice

Speak with people differently on the phone than you do in person. Remember, they can only hear your voice, but cannot see your face or facial expressions. Listen to any recordings of your phone calls your company may keep to determine how you really sound and make adjustments according to this.

Leasing Hack #3 The Response

Utilize the initial customer inquiry call to gather more information. For example, if they ask, “How much are the two bedroom apartments?” say this, “I’d be happy to help you with that! Who am I speaking with? And in case we get cut off what is your phone number?” This type of phrasing allows you to gain and remain in control of the conversation.

Leasing Hack #4 The Ask to Ask

After collecting their phone number and name, you should ask, “So that I can give you the most accurate information, is it okay if I ask you a few questions?” This allows you to steer the conversation while confirming the prospective resident’s engagement in the process.

Leasing Hack #5 What if I don’t want to make an appointment?

Try your best to set an appointment for apartment tours. This prevents too many prospective residents from walking in at the same time. Try saying this if the prospective resident does not want to set a concrete appointment:

“We always welcome walk-in clients! However, I would recommend that you give me a call a few minutes before you think you’ll stop in so I can make sure someone is here to help you. Our office can get very busy and I would hate for you to have to wait when you get here. How does that sound?”

This is a beautiful way to show your prospective client that your community is busy and you care about their time.

Leasing Hack #6 What kind of research have you done?

You have your standard questions you ask a prospective resident, but how about asking them what kind of research they have done on your community? For example, why were they attracted to your community? What did they learn about your community? Let them tell you what attracted them to your community.

Leasing Hack #7 Find the PAIN! Ease the PAIN

Most people make buying decisions based on pain. Your job is to find their pain, not simply identify that they are looking for a one bedroom apartment. Find out WHY are they looking for an apartment. Your job is to be the Tylenol for that prospect and ease their pain. As you talk about the community, frame the tour components as the solution to their pain.

Leasing Hack #8 Small Talk Tips

Choose to use the acronym F.O.R.M. without violating the Fair Housing Act. You are using this information to combine with your message of making them want to live at your community.

F-Family – Asking about ages and names of their family members is safe.
O-Occupation – What do they do for work?
R-Recreation – What do they do for fun?
M-Message – Frame your message using the answers to the above information.

Leasing Hack #9 The Last Resort

Sometimes you are approached by a prospective resident asking for something that you cannot provide in the moment or period. For example, someone calls looking for a three bedroom apartment and you do not have any. Instead of apologizing and saying no, ask this question instead:

“Are you specifically and only looking for a three bedroom or are you able to consider other options?

If they say it has to be a three bedroom apartment, refer them to a sister community or give them a bit of advice. If you can help them, share other options and begin to ask your questions to lead them into pre-tour talk.

Leasing Hack #10 Develop a Consistent Follow-up Strategy

This is a powerful way for your leasing staff to be on the same page. A clear and consistent follow-up strategy can make a huge difference in the number of leases you get signed.

Bonus Hack Watch Your Favorite Romantic Movie to Watch Their Strategy

For example, Hitch would be a great movie to watch and learn what did and did not work for them to fall in love. You may be able to apply some of those same strategies in your sales approach.

Overall, these 10 hacks will allow you to get more leases signed with ideal residents.

Presented by:

Rommel Anacan, President and Founder
The Relationship Difference