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August 2011

Five Reasons for Mystery Shopping Your Apartment Properties

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All companies believe in measuring and monitoring a property’s performance through the monthly financials. Doesn’t the same concept apply to the sales and leasing efforts of the onsite staff? Shouldn’t you know for sure how your rental prospects are treated? And shouldn’t you know how your onsite team presents your community? Read More

The iMpact of Customer Loyalty

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How Does Apple Do It?

 Now that you’ve discovered the sparkling gem known as customer loyalty and we have discussed asking the ‘Ultimate Question’ as a way to determine how loyal your customer base is currently, let’s look at how one company has put this concept into practice and wins over customer after customer – continuing to boost profits and market share year after year in the tight competitive market of consumer technology products.

 Yes, you guessed it! Whenever there is a new multimedia “anything” nowadays, it seems there is an iThing! Read More

What is Customer Loyalty?

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We’re not talking about a traditional loyalty program that brings a customer back because they get the seventh sandwich free or they get frequent flyer points for future travel.

We are talking about the kind of loyalty derived from an overwhelming feeling of immense satisfaction with a product or service – a feeling that elicits an emotional reaction and drives a decision to recommend a particular service or product to a friend or colleague. Read More

What is ‘The Ultimate Question’?

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In The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth, customer loyalty pioneer and expert Fred Reichheld proposes there is a single question you should be asking your customers that will provide you with a clear and easily understandable measure of your company’s performance as perceived by the most important person to your business – your customer!

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