Marketing and Leasing to Different Generations

Today’s leasing teams face the challenge of effectively marketing and selling their products and services to four generations – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers. It is important to tap into the values, expectations, and buying motivations of each generation in order to increase levels of customer engagement. The higher the level of […]

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Generation Y: The Workplace Shift Part III The Future Leaders…Generation “Why”


The Future Leaders…Generation “Why” In Part II of The Workplace Shift, “Generation X Prepares to Take the Baton,” we discussed how the most difficult elements of Generation X’s past may provide them with the strongest capabilities as the “next-in-line” corporate leaders. Both Generation Y and Gen X place a strong value on work-life balance. They […]

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The Workplace Shift Part 2: Generation X Prepares to Take the Baton


In Part 1 of The Workplace Shift, “Baby Boomers Prepare to Pass the Baton,” we discussed how the Boomer generation is once again redefining the workplace even as they prepare to pass their knowledge over to the next generation of leaders—Generation X. But here’s the big question: Is Generation X prepared to take the baton? […]

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The Workplace Shift Part 1: Baby Boomers Prepare to Pass the Baton


“Who cares that we have always done it that way!” “He does not respect my experience” “I can’t believe she wore that to work!” “What do you mean I can’t work from home?!?” Combining different generational mindsets into one workplace can be difficult. Generational diversity brings an array of experiences and perspectives to the office […]

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