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May 2012

Build the Gen Y Dream Job Culture and They Will Come!

By Understanding Generational Differences: How to Appeal to Different Age Groups No Comments

There’s nothing more certain that can be said about humanity than that we most easily connect with those who share similar life experiences and interests. We all want to be connected to other people, though how, with whom, and how often is not so universal. For Gen Y this connectedness is part of work life as much as it is their personal lives.

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The Client Whisperer: How to Connect In-Person

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You may be thinking, “Did you mean the Horse Whisperer?”  Well, kind of… According to Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary, the definition of a Horse Whisperer is a person who tames and trains horses by gentle methods and speech. Every horse, just as every customer, is unique and different, but there is an underlying consistency within the needs for each new relationship-

Removing barriers and building trust!

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Retaining the Internal Customer: The Science of Employee Engagement

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While many executives agree that keeping the customer happy is the key to increased profitability, few pinpoint their employees as their most important customer. The customer base most focused on is typically the revenue generating one. However, considering cause and effect, the internal customer (the employee) should be on at least equal footing with the external customer. While “traditional” customers write the checks, employees provide the horsepower that cause these checks to be written. They are closely linked.

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Generation Y: The Dreaded Performance Review

By Understanding Generational Differences: How to Appeal to Different Age Groups No Comments

Generation Y and the “Dreaded” Performance Review

We live in the information age. Information is freely exchanged and knowledge is easily accessed through our finger tips. It is changing our expectation—we want it—and we want it now!

The workforce is changing too. The old-fashioned processes companies have relied on for the last two generations simply aren’t cutting it anymore. Just as a company would adjust its business model to meet the demands of a changing market, so too must an organization rise to meet the demands of the newest generation in the workforce: Generation Y. Read More



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