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August 2012

Connecting is the Key to Being a 5-Star Leasing Professional

By Communicating with Your Customer: Ensuring Your Message is Effective No Comments

One of the most important skills that a leasing professional can have is the ability to connect with people.  Although leasing presentations can be impressive and may meet or exceed the required expectations of the management company as reflected on a mystery shop evaluation, it is a rare and extraordinary experience when you come across a leasing professional who actually connects with you.

Who are these awe-inspiring leasing professionals who provide the ultimate in customer experience?

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She’s Gone Social – Look at Those Posts!

By Social Media Marketing: Connecting with Prospects via Social Channels No Comments

Once upon a time, we had phone books or called 411 for a number.  Junk mail was delivered by the tons every year and magazines piled up on the table as trees were dying all around us.  Our main source of information on companies we might do business with came straight from a TV, radio, or print ad.

But times – they are a changin’.

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