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November 2012

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Your Business Needs an Easy Button

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Many studies have revealed that customers who have a problem resolved to their satisfaction are more loyal than customers who’ve never had a problem at all.

The 2011 Customer Experience Impact (CEI) Report revealed that 79% of consumers who shared complaints about poor customer experience online were ignored by the company. The 21% remaining who did get a response shared a positive experience.

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CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: The Death of the Leasing Presentation

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Let’s be honest, anyone who is even mildly successful in leasing apartments is pretty good at conversing. We are always engaging in conversations, not just at the office but at company business meetings, local apartment association functions, sales meetings, at home, and on the weekend with friends.

Then why do so many Leasing Professionals leave all that “conversation” practice and skill behind when they “present” to the potential resident?

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GENERATION Y: The Employee with the Dragon Tattoo

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When I have the rare opportunity to communicate face-to-face with an adult (other than my husband) during the week, it is usually with a Gen Y mom. Our children are playmates, even though I had mine at 40 and they had theirs at 20. We have great conversations and always support and learn from each other. Quite frequently our conversations via social media and texting inspire my blogs.

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