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April 2013

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: “By the Book” or By the Relationship

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Breaking Down Barriers to Great Customer Experiences

When I think about company policies the first word that comes to mind is law. Sometimes our company policies are more like “law” than they are policies. Even the words company policy, can bring about feelings of fear, discomfort and even anxiety for some employees.

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CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Five Ways to Get Your Residents Stuck Like Glue

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True customer loyalty is perhaps the greatest asset a community can develop. Loyal residents are more likely to renew and—equally important—refer their friends and family. ‘Satisfied’ residents are not always loyal and there are even times when loyal residents are not loyal. Customer loyalty can be difficult to build and even harder to sustain, but when you consider the fact that the cost of attracting new residents is significantly more than that of maintaining a relationship with existing ones, you have a powerful incentive… and you could use some pretty powerful ‘glue’!

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