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August 2013

What Is Really in an Apartment Review?

By Customer Feedback: Responding to the Voice of Your Customer No Comments

Have you ever asked yourself why people leave apartment reviews?  I know this sounds strange, but the feedback is not necessarily for you. 73% of Millennials think other consumers care about their opinions more than companies do (BazaarVoice, January 2012).  They leave an apartment review because they want to share tips and their thoughts with their peers – people they have never even met before, but people they think would really appreciate and listen to what they have to say. Read More

4 Tips for Delivering a Great Customer Experience

By Customer Experience & Engagement: Keeping the Customer You Earned No Comments

Historically, companies have had these self-centered tendencies where we expect customers to adapt to us. The customer experience was a result of our needs and culture – our language, our policies, and our practices.  But this does not really work anymore.  The fact is you need your customers more than they need you, which means we must provide a customer experience that actually revolves around the customer, rather than around us.

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