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March 2014

Lessons Learned While Working at a “Hell on Wheels” Apartment Community

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Every apartment community has its own unique personality. In fact, it is very likely that the one you are working at right now will fall into one of the following three personality categories:

1. Hell on Wheels: A difficult, demanding, back-breaking, problematic community.

2. Easy-Going: An average, occasional challenge, mostly pleasant community.

3. Push Button: A simple, no sweat, uncomplicated, “daily vacation” community. Read More

Don’t Let the Rules Be the Obstacle to Great Customer Experiences

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Employees need some freedom and resources to do what’s right for customers. They need to be able to make fast decisions that have a positive impact on a customer’s experience. Too often customers hear, “That is our company policy…”, “I can’t…”, or “You’ll need to speak to a manager.” What all these employees are really saying is, “I have to follow the rules and procedures or I will get in trouble.” Don’t let the rules be the obstacle to great customer experiences. Read More

Identifying and Nurturing High-Potential Employees

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When we mistake a high-performing employee for a high-potential one we are making a costly error in management and are risking the loss of real talent. Yet, we are all guilty at some point of doing this because it’s an easy mistake to make. We look out into our ocean of employees and can quickly spot those ‘high profile’ high-performers who stand out in the crowd. Then there are the high-potential employees who are often left on their own and forgotten. You know the type. They are hired, trained (maybe), and given attention when it is convenient, but they are often low maintenance so they fall under the radar. But don’t be mistaken – low maintenance does not equal low potential, as these professionals are often simply doing their jobs and going unnoticed. Read More



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