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February 2015

Customer Journey Map Preparation

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We’re one month into 2015, and we’ve already noticing a few trending topics. One of those topics is customer journey maps. This is more than just a buzz word. With our every growing focus on the customer experience, we think this topic is here to stay.

So what is a customer journey map? It is a framework that maps the resident lifecycle. That’s the easy definition. The more complicated definition is below.

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How to Follow Up

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How To Follow UpYou answered 5 prospects calls, gave 2 tours, and received 8 online leads. All today. Now what? You have 15 people that are potential residents and no idea what to do next.

Follow up is an art. And, it’s kind of boring…if you do it the way it’s always been done. Phone numbers and email addresses have no value if you don’t use them properly.

Your follow up methods are key to developing a great customer experience that turns a prospect into a resident into an advocate.

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