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August 2015

Overcoming Community Weaknesses

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Overcoming Community WeaknessesAdmitting your weaknesses, let alone talking about your weaknesses, can be difficult! But as the old saying goes, the first step is accepting it.

The challenge is that with weaknesses specific to your apartment community come prospect objections.

Although objections are rarely great news, they do indicate interest and are an opportunity for you – an opportunity to overcome the weakness and close the deal.

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How to Utilize Your Advocates

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Cultivating Your AdvocatesYour customers and residents are more trusted than any other source when it comes to making purchasing decisions. This even includes your community website.  Advocates are 50% more influential than the average customer. They are those happy customers that are willing to promote your brand for free simply because they are passionate about your customer experience and your community.

Each community and every (good) brand has their own unique set of advocates, and if you are smart about it, you can partner with them to create successful marketing strategies and customer experience without busting your budget.

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Role Playing: Riding the Ginormous Elephant in the Training Room

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Riding the elephantRole playing has been used as a sales training tool for a many years, yet the expectation of having to role play with others still strikes immediate fear into the hearts of many. Trainers see it as an opportunity for employees to practice their new skills and knowledge in a safe place, but trainees see themselves in danger of suffering the severest injury that can be inflicted – embarrassment in front of their peers.

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