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December 2015

Developing a Customer Experience Audit

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Do you believe a resident’s experience ends as soon as the lease is signed? Or do you believe the resident’s experience only takes place during a customer service related transaction?

Believe it or not, the customer experience is a rather complex journey for your residents, and it never expires. An incomplete or difficult customer experience can lead to a decrease in leases and frustrated residents.

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Resident Retention

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resident retentionAcquiring customers isn’t cheap or easy. In fact, acquiring new customers can cost as much as five to seven times more than simply retaining your existing customers. Shifting our focus from lead generation to customer experience sounds like a no brainer, right?

Focusing on the renewals rather than acquiring new leases is easy. Why? Because renewals shouldn’t be a last ditch effort to beg people to stay.

The months of great customer experience lead up to the renewal moment. It’s an ongoing process that starts at the point of purchase and encompasses the resident’s experience throughout their lease. Remember, it is all about the small moments.

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Crisis Management

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Crisis ManagementCrisis happen; it’s inevitable. An unfortunate event takes place that affects your brand and it winds up being aired on the news for all to see.

Now, with social media in the mix, crises happen more often because customers are very quick to share a negative experience and others are quick to share or retweet. And then you have a whole new crisis to handle: a social media crisis.

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