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November 2016

The Art of Follow-Up

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email-marketer-at-workDid you know it takes about five follow-up opportunities before movement with a sale? Thus, tenacity is key to getting the sale. Only 8% of people actually take the time to follow up, so this can be great news for you.

The First Steps

Become a resource before you attempt to sell. This will create inherit value for your potential customers. This will also allow you to find out what the problems are early on and provide solutions. You are the service; be open to creating a connection with your potential resident.

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Write Better Emails and Get the Lease

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Email marketing is incredibility effective if you know how to utilize it, so keep reading!

Why aren’t my emails being read?

Fun stat: Only 21% of consumers reported that they received a memorable promotional email in the past two months. People rely less on email because they have other modes of communication such as Slack and basecamp, as well as other sources of communication that do not require email.

Today, some software like Gmail and others route emails into folders based on the email owner’s habits. In addition, some email providers have become savvy enough to filter out common sales words, causing the emails to be re-routed to the infamous spam folder. People are even using ‘junk’ email addresses to sign up and receive information.

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Create a Thoughtful Sales Strategy

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Build a great customer experienceThe busy season has just ended and it feels like a sink or swim moment. To make matters more intense, we are now moving into holiday season and competing for attention with all of the holiday advertising.

In order to break through all the noise seeking your prospective resident’s time, attention and hard earned dollars, you’ll want to understand your prospects needs, wants and desires first. You can take this a step further to understand their problems as well so you are better equipped to help them understand your product or service.

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Difficult Residents Strike Again

By Customer Feedback: Responding to the Voice of Your Customer No Comments

does your company need an I am annoyed departmentDifficult residents seem to come with the territory of running an apartment community, yet not many people talk about how to approach and create success with them. EPMS knows there are effective tools to help you listen to customers, respond to their feedback, and enhance the overall customer experience and we are eager to share them with you.

The goal is to understand feedback through the eyes of your customers and to manage their expectations, especially online. It is easier and more satisfying for a resident to post a “bad” review than a good review. Let’s change that today by focusing on these areas:

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