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November 2019

The Power of Presence – Maximizing Your Best Feature

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In the residential property management industry, we strive to promote the best features of our community, but many of us miss out on one important feature – ourselves! The service and human presence we bring to the community should not be overlooked, rather it should be touted as one of our strong selling points. We’ll discuss how to make sure you are bringing your best self each day as well as effective ways to sell the benefits you bring to the table. Read More

Leasemakers Part IV: Closing – The Bottom Line!

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Welcome to the fourth installment of the Leasemakers apartment sales training series! As we’ve discussed in the previous three installments, there are two major components of a sales interaction: the telephone presentation and the on-site presentation. You’ll remember that each of these two components include four parts: greeting, qualifying, demonstration and close. This discussion will focus on the on-site close portion of the sales presentation. The goal of the telephone closing is to get the prospect to the community right now while the goal of the on-site closing is to secure the lease. Read More



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