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February 2020

FRIENDLY Leasing. FAIR Leasing. Friendly FAIR HOUSING Leasing.

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*Note: Always be sure to check with an attorney before implementing or changing any Fair Housing policies in your community!

Fair Housing can feel like a very delicate subject, but don’t freak out about it – it’s a great tool to create value in a number of ways! Fair Housing laws make sense because they help ensure people are treated right. It evens the playing field and takes away the guess work to allow for good sales and leasing. It also enhances resident loyalty and relations when all of our residents feel they are being treated fairly and equally. Read More

Making Decisions with Confidence

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Making decisions is an area that causes uncertainty for leasing professionals at one time or another. However, confident decision-making leads to progress and enhances success in the long run. Making decisions confidently, right now, allows you to more effectively manage your time and approach the rest of your duties without the lingering stress of indecision. Read More



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