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September 2020

4 Tips for De-Escalating Conflict in the Workplace

By Customer Loyalty & Retention: Connecting with Your Customer

If you work in the multifamily industry, chances are good you have encountered someone – a resident, co-worker or even a boss who is agitated and headed towards conflict. When you’ve found yourself in such a situation, how often has using the phrase “calm down” helped to diffuse the situation? Although it is likely rarely effective, many of us continue using this approach because we may not be aware of a more productive approach. To begin, here are some helpful do’s and don’ts you can follow for de-escalating conflict in the workplace: Read More

Dr. D’s Vitamin E (Encouragement)

By Employee Engagement & Retention: Connecting with and Keeping Star Talent

The global pandemic has created a state of affairs filled with uncertainty, which has led to a sense of fear or dread for so many of us. Recent data collected from apartment mystery shops has shown a negative impact on how business is being conducted, particularly in terms of closing and asking for the sale. This is certainly a problem that requires urgent attention and one of the best ways to address it is with a double-dose of vitamin E (encouragement)! Read More



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