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December 2020

7 Key Things to Consider When Deciding on Leasing Specials and Incentives

By Sales & Leasing Techniques: Tips and Tools to Get the Sale

The multifamily industry is experiencing a unique climate as it navigates the challenges of this COVID-19 marketplace. New constructions continue even as demand is decreasing and rental rates are on a downward trend. What does this mean? Well, it’s the perfect time to consider and thoughtfully implement concessions and specials to continue to drive a lackluster market. Right now, the apartment leasing market is facing challenges including:

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3 Ways to Eliminate Stress Through Mindfulness and Meditation

By Leadership & Management: Developing Your Onsite Teams


You may find yourself struggling to manage the stress caused by the expectations of today’s changing climate on top of all your other responsibilities. When we’re bogged down by stress and anxiety, it makes it much more difficult to be focused and productive, thereby making our to-do list grow longer and longer. However, you can work to eliminate stress through mindfulness and meditation. Read More



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