5 Simple Tips to Manage Social Media Burnout


The problem with social media is that it is ALWAYS on.  It is exhausting!  As a social media professional or as any business person who uses social media, it is far too easy to get enamored with always knowing what is happening.  Even to the point that it begins to interfere with your personal life.

Now some of us are better than others at ignoring it – my husband being one of them.  I don’t think he even knew who Miley was until a month ago, and forget him being aware of any high school drama being played out on Facebook.   But that’s not me; I can’t disconnect.  And I secretly kind of love always knowing what’s shaking.  Because of that, I occasionally suffer from what we know as SMF, social media fatigue.

If you have feelings of apathy, silence, or even feel like you are in a mental rut, you might have SMF.  The good news is that this condition is not as serious as it may sound.  It doesn’t even require prescription medication with scary side effects.  Proper treatment of SMF requires these five simple tips to manage social media burnout.

Define precise goals and create a plan
Your first step is to understand what works best for your brand and community.  Know your audience and where you can make a social media footprint.  My go to goal is always “improve customer satisfaction”.

Learn balance
The beauty of social media is that there are no rules.  You define what works for you!  You have to discover the importance of give and take for you and your audience.  And, only do as much as you and your resources are capable of doing.

Listen to your audience
Social media management and content creation gets a whole lot easier if you listen to your audience.  Monitor for trends, communicate with your residents, and directly ask them for ideas.

Work smart with smart solutions
Don’t allow social media to be a distraction.  I know, easier said than done, but using the right tools and resources helps with that.  Maybe you need a new team member who can be solely focused on social media.  Or hire a consultant to direct and lead your strategy and planning.

Know your strengths
You want to play to your audience, but you need to be aware of your talents and capabilities.  Maybe your skills are better suited for a blog than twitter.  Nothing says you have to be on twitter, so spend your time where it works!

Remember, burnout isn’t always a bad thing.  Think of SMF as an opportunity to reevaluate your goals and execution.  You can get inspired and refocused again.  Everyone finds their inspiration differently.  However, I happen to think the best place to look for it is with your residents and prospects.  Their needs, desires, and experience should be your inspiration.

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Misty Sanford
Social Insight Thought Leader
Renter’s Voice