Become a Better Communicator


I know you all have a lot of goals you are working towards, especially this time of year. But I have one more goal to add to your list. Become a better communicator with your residents.

Your brand and your residents should have the same conversation. Too often those conversations are very different. What I mean is that your marketing messaging and sales pitch too often don’t match the actual resident experience.

This might sound like a typical problem. Who wants to talk about the trash problems or noisy neighbors? No one. And that’s not what you should be talking about. There is the potential for your residents to share so much more. But for them to do so, you have to better understand each other.

You create the same conversation by collecting information from your residents and then also arming them with information about what you’re doing to improve their experience. For example, do they remember that your maintenance team is committed to fixing every issue within 24 hours? What about the free yoga on Saturdays? Probably not. These things easily get missed if the only time you talk about them is during the prospect experience.

To be a good communicator make it a point to continuously resell your service and experience to your residents. This will create better reviews, more engagement, and happier residents. It also gives your prospects a more authentic view of life at your community.