BUSTING Baby Boomer Myths: Myth #1


Baby Boomer Myth #1: Understand One Boomer and You Understand Them All

The Baby Boomers have been making waves since their arrival in 1946. History tells us that we were a country unprepared for this generation from the start. Far different than the generation before them, the Baby Boomers choose to march to the beat of their own drum. As they move through each season and stage of their life they continue to redefine who they are, what they need and set new objectives.

In David B Wolfe’s blog, “Ageless Marketing,” he breaks life down in terms of four seasons. Each season has its own set of needs that may be somewhat unique to that season. Each season of life has its own developmental objectives.

1. SPRING: A desire for play and revolving around a fantasy theme—everything will work out “my way”

2. SUMMER: Young adulthood years concerned with social and vocational development

3. FALL: Midlife years refining and developing the inner self with a major question being, “What is the purpose of my life?” A balance between personal and professional lives

4. WINTER: Reconciliation and acceptance; attempting to make sense of life

Baby Boomers are currently in the Fall/Winter season of life. Their decisions are based on not only facts, but also the wealth of experiences they have accumulated up to this point.

They are also experiencing more significant life events simultaneously than any other generation such as; becoming grandparents, raising toddlers, getting married, retiring, returning to school, caring for aging parents, starting new careers, and more.

This unique combination of life seasons and events makes it especially difficult to group Boomers using traditional demographic marketing, management and sales approaches. Understanding the customer takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to Boomers. One size does not fit all—not even a close!

Have you fallen victim to believing Myth #1? Next week, we examine Myth #2…