Buyers Get Lost in Emotion

Emotion in Motion: How Feelings Factor Into the Buying Decision

People are motivated to SEEK OUT and MAKE a purchase for one of two reasons:

1. To solve a problem
2. To make themselves FEEL better

In our business, there are many reasons that prospects seek our help – relocation, divorce/separation, roommate situations, family growth/empty nesting…

People rationalize a buying decision based on facts BUT people MAKE buying decisions based on emotions!

“20% of the decision to make a purchase is logical and 80% is emotional!”

As a leasing consultant, if you fail to address the emotional aspect, most of your prospects will leave without renting and no amount of follow-up will get them back. If you tap into it correctly, your closing ratio will go up.

How can you tap into these emotions?

• You must acknowledge your prospect’s need for Trust:

“I know you’ve been out looking at apartments all day. As part of my training I had to shop all of my competitors, and I’ll admit it wasn’t always a good experience. Let me assure you that your tour here with me will be different.

I’m not here to sell you something you don’t need. I’m here to help you find something you want and a place where you’ll be comfortable. If that place is here with us at XYZ Apartments, then that’s what I want for you!”

• You must inspire Confidence:

“Based on what you’ve said is important to you, I feel I have the just the right apartment! Let’s review the floor plan first to make certain you’re as sure about it as I am and then I’ll take you over to see the actual home I have in mind for you.”

It is important to recognize that while people have both logical and emotional buying motives, recent consumer surveys show that in most cases only 20% of the decision to make a purchase is logical and 80% is emotional!

The single biggest motivator in buying is not data or fact, it is emotional response. Humans buy when they feel comfortable, when they feel they can trust you, when the process feels natural and reassuring, and when they realize that buying will make them feel good.

• You must demonstrate Empathy:

“I understand you’re coming to us from a difficult situation. I promise to make your experience here as easy and hassle free as possible.” OR “It seems as though you like this home; however, I get a sense that you’ve got some questions. Help me understand how you’re feeling.” OR “Does this feel like a place you can call home?”

• You must communicate Responsibility and Dependability:

“I’m confident you’ll be pleased not only with your new home here at XYZ Apartments but also with the standard of service we provide. We are open seven days a week to serve you so things like package pick up and communication with our office staff is always easy AND our maintenance team is really top notch! We also offer a 24 hour service request guarantee!”

Offer your prospect a delightful shopping experience!

  • Smile, stand up to greet the prospect, shake his hand and make eye contact.
  • Offer refreshments every time. Don’t assume your prospect will help himself.
  • Offer a seat in the clubhouse on the sofa or at a comfortable leasing table — NOT in front of a desk.
  • Don’t “dump” information on the prospect during the tour. Keep it simple and relevant.
  • Be inquisitive about your prospect; try to get him to smile & laugh.

Remember to let every guest know that you would love to have them as a resident in your community!