Custom Coaching

Custom Coaching

At Ellis, we offer a custom coaching and mentoring service that can greatly benefit your property management teams: Our Custom Coaching service includes an instructor review of the most recent shopping report(s) and resident surveys for each participant.

Custom Coaching involves one-on-one coaching to target identified areas where there is an opportunity for improvement. Ellis works with the customer to develop the most effective approach for any Custom Coaching request.

If your onsite apartment leasing efforts could use a little intensive therapy, we’ve got a deal for you! Ellis Partners has teamed with an experienced consultant in the multifamily industry to provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring to target any areas of opportunity for improvement. Our special problem consulting services are unique and add a personal touch that contributes to employee buy-in and long-term leasing training success.

In this two-part service, you and the apartment leasing professional who was shopped will receive a written report that addresses the leasing professional’s most recent “unacceptable” telephone or in-person shop. Then, the leasing professional will participate in a custom-planned coaching session via telephone with an experienced consultant in the multifamily housing industry.

Before the custom coaching call, we conduct research designed to paint a fair picture and support our ability to connect with the leasing professional. In addition, previous apartment mystery shopping reports, personal experience level, and feedback from the leasing professional’s supervisors are considered when creating the custom coaching plan. This personalized training is designed to help both new and experienced employees in any onsite office position.

During the coaching call, we will review previously written shop scores with the leasing professional, identifying patterns and frequently missed questions, and listen to recorded calls together, asking the leasing professional to evaluate their own performance by highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. We also ask probing questions to determine what they want to improve. This helps us focus on additional problem areas not easily identified in the report’s results. Based on individual style and company-specific requirements, we will create a custom telephone script for the leasing professional that hits all the points needed to achieve a perfect score. During the coaching session, we role-play this script, and, in the end, we provide a copy they can use and further personalize.


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