Creating Positive Memories With the Customer Experience


You remember the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well, it is only partly true. The first impression is indeed very important. It’s very memorable, as well. But there is so much more than the first impression. Because multifamily is, or should be, heavily focused on the customer experience, the impressions never stop. It happens when a resident submits a service request and even when she picks up a package. Impressions are at every single interaction.

The challenge is that impressions of the customer experience aren’t usually reflective of the actual customer experience. They are the memory of the experience. And our memories influence our experiences. Sometimes it’s conversations after the experience or even an interruption during the experience that changes our perception and impression of the experience.

In other words, how we remember experiences can be pretty different than the experience we had at the time.

So, what can you do to change the memories and impression? The good news is that that’s not the point. You don’t want to change memories, and frankly, you can’t. It is about asking the right questions at the right time and then leading the resident down a positive path.

You should be thinking about what part of the experience you are measuring and when. Also ask yourself how you are creating a positive experience that will only add to their memories. Are you creating a moment that will leave a lasting impression?