Creating Sticky Customer Communication that Wins


Through automation and routine customer touch points customer communication quickly becomes an illusion. We are talking at them instead of taking the time to truly engage with each customer. This is where creating sticky customer communication comes in hand.

Creating regular and engaging streams of communication can help you track customer sentiments or resolve potential problem areas that would not have been brought to your attention otherwise.

Unfortunately, 96% of unhappy customers won’t complain when they’re unhappy and 91% of them will quietly take their business elsewhere. However, improving your customer communication strategy so that it is sticky and engaging with the following tips can change these statistics drastically.

Keep it profound.

If you are constantly using industry jargon in your communication, residents and prospects are likely tuning you out. Your message should be simple and memorable, and it should resonate with your customers.

Surprise and delight.

As we mentioned above, customer communication can easily become automated and can sound robotic – a pattern that we need to break starting today. The best way to get your customers’ attention is to disrupt their expectations, and do this with a gift or a reward for them – something that they aren’t expecting.

Be visual.

Our eyes can skim through blocks of text all day long without truly reading or understanding what message the text is conveying to us. Using beautiful and eye catching images is what we need to stop skimming and start reading. The next time you want to get your customer’s attention via email or social media, find an image that will make your message naturally sticky.

Tell stories.

When your brand has a story, customers can connect with your brand emotionally. Everyone wants to be part of something, and having a story that residents can take pride in is a great way to get residents to invest in your brand and communications emotionally.

The final key.

The final and real key in creating sticky customer communication that wins is to stay in regular contact with your customers. Every interaction with a customer should be treated in a unique and specific way that benefits that specific resident. Add these final steps to your everyday communication strategy and you will have a guaranteed winning strategy: Follow up consistently and timely by phone, email, or social media; send customers friendly reminders that are genuine and beneficial to the resident; send customers regular emails with community updates, events, and local news.

Lastly, treat each customer communication tactic so that you can ask for a referral or a positive review afterwards. With them leaving you a reviewing, they are essentially giving the world their stamp of approval and showing their commitment to you and your brand.