Edge2Learn Announces Debut as New e-Learning Company for Property Management Industry


New e-Learning Solution to Propel Property Management Industry and Its Employees to New Heights

Irving, Texas – February 27, 2017 – Edge2Learn today announced its debut as a new e-learning company for the property management industry. Formed out of a partnership with long-time industry experts Ellis, Partners in Management Solutions, Edge2Learn incorporates technology and online learning to deliver a modern and optimized experience for its customers.

“Conducting property management employee surveys and focus groups over several years, Ellis Partners has found the topic of employee training to be one of the top three areas of discussion, specifically, the employee’s desire for a fresh approach to their learner experience,” said co-founder and chief strategy officer, Francis Chow. “We are incredibly honored to offer a solution that allows employees to build upon their current skill sets and advance faster toward their career goals, while helping companies increase employee retention and shield against costly liabilities.”

Capitalizing on a user-friendly Learning Management System for both the administrator and learner, the core principle behind Edge2Learn’s training and development platform is to educate and empower employees by appealing to the way in which they learn and retain information most naturally. By offering shorter and more relevant courses, Edge2Learn is customizable and can be used as a turnkey suite, or its solutions and e-learning content can be implemented independently. The initial suite of e-learning content includes the following:

  • 55 Courses in Compliance & Fundamentals designed to enhance performance while reducing risk
  • 90 Courses in Performance-based Training triggered by results of Mystery Shops and Surveys
  • 100 Webinars covering a variety of topics including performance, skill set improvement, and personal growth and development
  • The ability to create your own courses in an easy and manageable manner

“At Ellis, we have been offering services and engaging employees to optimize the customer experience since 1984. Our entire platform always has been about training and improving performance, and as such, we saw an opportunity to touch learners individually through an e-learning platform,” said Joanna Ellis, co-founder and chief executive officer. “Edge2Learn was created by listening to our valued clients who want to fill the void of industry training geared toward real property management issues and the specific job duties and responsibilities of employees.”

“The Edge2Learn platform is designed to communicate compliance, enhance skill sets, promote personal growth, and increase performance,” Ellis continues. “Our platform meshes closely with
Ellis’ mystery shops and resident surveys, enabling us to take that feedback and build a customized training solution for the learner resulting in greater operational efficiencies and performance.”

In addition to providing the tools necessary for operators to manage their internal training programs, Edge2Learn also offers complimentary tips, consultation, and shared community resources to help improve compliance, sales, and customer and employee retention.

About Edge2Learn
Edge2Learn is an e-learning company specializing in training for the property management industry. With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to increase industry performance, we are passionate about delivering education that maximizes benefits for both companies and employees. Our program engages learners and prepares them to deliver a superior customer experience. For more information, please visit www.edge2learn.com.

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Joanna Ellis
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer