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  • eLearning developed for Multifamily
  • Microlearning courses geared to apartment fundamentals and compliance
  • Designed to educate, develop, and grow employees to perform at a higher level

E-learning (Edge2Learn) Edge2Learn is our eLearning affiliate that specializes in training for the property management industry. This valuable resource delivers highly engaging education that enables learners to achieve their career goals more readily and helps management achieve greater success while reducing liability risks. Edge2Learn is designed specifically to address the training needs and opportunities identified by the Ellis mystery shop and resident survey programs. It also serves as a turnkey training solution companies can manage internally for all their employee education needs.

Edge2Learn offers a proprietary learning management system (EDGE) that makes it easy to administer and monitor the most appropriate training solutions for everyone in the company. It also includes a vast library of e-Learning content that covers both everyday and specialized training topics.

You want your property management training classes to be effective and efficient and want to partner with a provider who understands how employees learn in the current industry environment. Edge2Learn has responded to more sophisticated products, educated consumers, and a more diverse workforce by transforming employee training and development for property management companies in today’s marketplace. Edge2Learn’s property management training and development platform’s core principle is to educate and empower employees, enabling them to increase performance by applying what they learn in their everyday working environment. Edge2Learn incorporates a blended learning philosophy – an appropriate balance between technology and instructor-led learning to maximize the training and development experience for every learning style to give you the edge to learning.

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