Extracting the Noise From Your Reviews


Interpreting a review can be a bit tricky. If your community is like most communities, you get a lot of feedback. This information comes from surveys, reviews, social media, and even face-to-face conversations, so it can be a bit overwhelming. It might even cause your team to lose focus.

Sure, there are some residents that point out your flaws in the most honest way possible. But most reviews force you to read between the lines or even piece together the story with analytics. In today’s customer-centric world, the real skill is learning how to extract the important information from all the noise.

So how do you do that? It’s simple. You define the business problem. You have to start with a little clarity on what you are trying to fix or solve, and if we are honest with ourselves, we all know where we are weak. Defining your weakness and the business problem will help you understand what data and feedback you want to collect. It also helps you understand when, where, how, and from whom.

Next, you want to separate signal from noise. Noise is an obstacle that can prevent you from making progress if you allow it, because it’s a distraction. Here are 3 tips to reduce noise.

  1. Create standardized reporting. Using a company like Ellis makes reporting easy, because we provide a consistent view of the feedback in an easy to understand format.
  2. Use analytics to understand cause and effect and to forecast performance
  3. Segment your audience. Learn and understand what each group values.

Be ready to learn! It’s amazing what you uncover when you start asking the right questions and truly understand the data.

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