For a Good Time Call: Managing Your Online Reputation

For a Good Time Call

Managing Your Online Reputation

One of the oldest references I can make to written word-of-mouth viral marketing is reading the inside walls of the bathroom stall as a teenager. And if you think about it, there were definitely some mixed reviews… and some of them quite open to interpretation.

Of course, there was a lot of verbal word of mouth which continues to be popular today. In fact 90% of worth of mouth recommendations still occur in person. Nonetheless, the way we interact with others has changed immensely. Instead of bathroom walls we’re now using online forums, blogs, and reviews and ratings sites. We put a lot more stock in those conversations than we did the gossip and gossipers of the past. We rely heavily on content we find on the Internet when we are considering an activity or purchase.

Reviews by others who’ve already purchased a product are one of the first things I consider.  I feel confident in my own choices after I’ve weighed varied opinions – good and bad both – as well as the reasons behind each user’s perception. The old adage is true… “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  I know that what one person might find fault with – or absolutely love – might bring about the total opposite reaction on my part. But I am armed with the knowledge! And knowledge really is power!

As a consumer, I’m enjoying the power of my voice in business. I use my voice to post online ratings and reviews, because I know word of mouth is a greatly valued commodity and a highly visible tool for everyone – businesses and consumers included. I trust companies who maintain an overall positive reputation of providing quality products and services. I’m willing to recommend those businesses even when I encounter a bump in the road if they step up and resolve any issues promptly. The writing is still on the wall and it can’t be painted over or sanded off. A lot more people are exposed to it than would ever have seen the inside of that bathroom stall.

When customers talk, people listen – so if you have a reputation for providing customers
“a good time”, people actually will call.

How are you managing YOUR online reputation?