How Do You Make Your Reviews Work For You?


What if you could get your reviews to do the leasing for you? Whether you realize it or not, reviews are already playing a huge role in the sales process. For example, do you know that 84% of millennials say consumer written content on brand sites influences what they buy (Social Trends Report 2013)?

This means they are not only looking at review sites, but they also expect to see reviews on your website. They want real content from real people. Not marketing fluff.

Sounds easy enough, right? Think again. Getting people to write reviews is challenging, because only 28% of consumers have ever written a review (Saurage Report). That’s it! As consumers and prospects, we all love reviews, but we don’t return the favor by writing our own reviews.

The fact is that you can master the SEO game and be extremely visible on search results pages, but until you have positive reviews, or any reviews for that matter, your relevance to prospects is minimal. Reviews are critical to your online success.

So, how do you encourage reviews?

  1. Respond to ALL reviews.

You are probably really good at responding to the negative stuff, but you also need to address every single positive review and thank the reviewer for their feedback. You want prospects to see just how committed you are to your residents.

  1. Know when to ask for reviews

Be strategic about when you ask for reviews. And, make it easy for residents to leave you a review. Don’t assume they know where to leave feedback.

  1. Amplify the good stuff

Spread the word when you get a good review! Post them on your website, social media pages, email marketing, and even internal communications. Don’t forget that prospects expect to see reviews on channels you control.

Misty Sanford

Social Insight Thought Leader

Renter’s Voice

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