How to Follow Up On Your Sales Presentation


When was the last time you experienced amazing follow up – whether you were the one following up or someone was following up with you – and that amazing experience led to an immediate sale? These experiences can be rare, because we are often losing customers with unauthentic and automated follow up strategies. To avoid creating a multiplying list of cold prospects, keep this in mind: “Tenacity results in sales.” And then reevaluate your follow up strategy with these tips:

Become a resource.

During the sales process, get to know your prospect. Listen to their problems, and be ready to recommend solutions. Gathering and remembering this information is key to successful follow up. Utilize this information to become a resource for helping them address the issues discussed during the touring process. When you become a valuable resource to your prospect, they develop trust in you and it improves your credibility.

Email is still relevant.

No one likes the “just following up” emails. Start by providing background information about who you are and what you discussed previously. Then be creative in ways you can add value for them by sharing resources and information related to the prospect’s situation. Close the email with a call-to-action that gives the prospect a strong enough incentive to respond to you.

Winning phone calls.

Don’t simply call to “follow up”. Create an easy conversation with them by bridging previous conversations and remind them why they should sign a lease with you. Set the tone of the call to be relaxed and receptive, and emphasize your unique value. This will allow you to feel confident. It will also warm up a cold customer when remove any anxious tones.

Focus on building your tribe.

Nurture the relationship. Taking the extra time to go above and beyond for your prospect while nurturing the relationship and becoming a value to them will take you far in the sales process.

Misty Sanford
Social Insight Thought Leader
Renter’s Voice