How to Lease a Small Apartment: Review the Elusive Advantages!


The Top 10 Advantages of Living in a Small Apartment

Review the facts – let’s face it.  Apartments in new developments are getting smaller.  But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing for renters or be a downer in your leasing presentation. 

Rather than simply coming up with solutions for how your residents can make do with the itty-bitty square footage…

‘But where will I put my all of my shoes?!’

…you can help them focus on harder-to-spot advantages that can sell them on leasing – or renewing their lease.

To help you out, I thought about what I love most about my own home – a small space indeed – which I share with my husband and very large pup.

Here is my list of the top 10 advantages of living in a small apartment.

Feel free to borrow or steal as needed for your next leasing presentation!

  1. There is less space to fill.  Rather than having to buy furniture to fill rooms we don’t use, I used that money to buy one piece I really adored.
  2. No room for unwanted overnight guests!
  3. Utilities are cheap.
  4. I will never be a hoarder because I can’t be.  There is no room.
  5. It is harder to misplace things.
  6. Only one bathroom to clean!
  7. We spend more time outdoors and exploring our community.
  8. We got creative with displays, storage, and design.
  9. Our art gets noticed.
  10. Our small space has brought us closer together.

These tips are great for focusing on the positives of a small apartment.  Review the features each apartment style in your community offers, then find ways to sell pluses that outweigh – or even can distract from – any negatives.

What are some other advantages of living in a small apartment you could point out during your leasing presentation?  Share your ideas for success.

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