Identify Your Ideal Resident


The most important activity of any community manager is to clearly identify the very best resident for their community. It might be a lot harder than you think, so how do you identify your ideal resident?

Before you respond, I will just say that your response should not be that the very best resident is the resident that pays rent on time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that! It is far too broad and maybe a lazy response.

Identifying your ideal resident is more than just demographics reports. The reports tell us important information, but they are just a small piece of the story. In your next team meeting, think about and discuss some of your best residents. Who are they, and why are the best? What are their similarities? Why do you think they like you? Is the fact that they like you the reason why the leased from you? Maybe even ask your favorite residents these questions.

What you are doing is beginning to identify your niche market. Here are a few more steps to continue the path of discovering your ideal resident:

1. Know the demographics AND psychographics
Psychographics takes it a step further and understands what’s in their heads. For example, what are their desires and fears?

2. Locate them
Where do they live, work, and play. What do they do online?

3. Understand them
This is all about timing triggers. What has happened in his life that makes you the best fit?

4. Create a persona
Create a sketch that tells their story. It should include demographics, identifiers, their goals, challenges, and how you can help.

After you identify your ideal resident, you can focus your marketing, advertising, and sales efforts on attracting and retaining residents just like your best residents. Your conversations and interactions become more authentic, and the sales experience becomes very natural. And, everything just gets easier.

Your ability to clearly define and determine the very best resident for you community will determine your success.

Misty Sanford
Social Insight Thought Leader