5 Essential Keys to Lease Like a Pro

Lease Like a Pro

In order to have a successful, productive leasing program, you need to start at the beginning and build a great foundation that will help you lease like a pro at every turn. A good first step is to create an environment of mindfulness in the workplace in order to foster a team that supports one another. A business environment that puts the ego in the backseat and principles in the front is already set up towards a path to success. Let’s check out 5 essential keys to lease like a pro.

1.  Dress for Success. A fundamental concept is to dress for success. Take an honest look at yourself in the mirror each morning and decide if you are presenting yourself in a polished and professional manner. You need the customer to feel confident that you are the expert in order to create trust. Even if you work in a more casual community, you can still look neatly groomed and well put together. Be aware of personal hygiene and make sure you have a tidy appearance.

2. Be Prepared with the Facts. Like it or not, you must be aware of your product knowledge. You can create a product knowledge workbook to test your team and find any knowledge gaps. Everyone who is newly hired must take the time to get to know the competition and then use that information to their advantage to lease like a pro! The more detail you can provide the prospect on the front-end, the better your closing ratio.

3. Strut Your Stuff. Use your features and benefits to their full capacity. The best way to do this is to engage the senses:

  • How does your leasing office/model apartment/vacant smell?
  • What is the view? Is everything neat and organized?
  • How does the office feel? Is the temperature comfortable and is there comfortable seating?
  • What is the prospect hearing? Are you playing music?

4. Know Your Competition. Decide how you will set your community apart from the competition to make it memorable. Point out specifics during the tour; what size are the cabinets and what can fit? How much can you fit in the fridge? Not only will this help the prospect understand what can be done with your community, but it will make them wonder about other communities they may have visited before and create doubt about what those competitors can offer.

5. Always answer the Phone. When it comes to the telephone; remember it’s a tool, not an interruption. The telephone is your link to help a person who wants an apartment find the right home. It’s also your link to close a sale and earn a commission, so take it seriously! You’re not trying to sell an apartment to someone who doesn’t want one, so you have to give them all the information they need to make a decision.

If you know your community, what it has to offer and how it compares with the competition, you’ll be able to lease like a pro by delivering a natural, easy-flowing sales presentation that will help your closing ratio skyrocket!

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