Lease Renewal Strategies

Lease Renewal Strategy

In our ongoing effort to partner with our customers for improved leasing and sales performance at all levels, we offer various customized leasing training seminars to fit individual needs. Our goal is to help you align leasing performance at your properties with your organizational goals, from performance-based online training modules to a specific classroom, web-based, and eLearning training sessions.

Our lease renewal strategy seminars’ main focus point is resident retention. All our presentations can be customized to fit your company’s specific policies, philosophies, and corporate culture. We design our lease renewal strategy seminars to make a measurable difference while also being educational, motivational, and downright fun.

Lease Renewal Strategies

  • Really Revolutionary Lease Renewal Strategies
  • Achieving Customer Experience Stardom
  • The Service Technician as Leasing and Renewal Consultant
  • Success Through Teamwork
  • The Resident is Not the Problem

Really Revolutionary Lease Renewal Strategies

With the cost of an average resident turnover as high as $3,000, the concept of resident retention must be more than “lip service.” This four- to six-hour presentation explains the factors that make apartment residents want to STAY LONGER. Rather than community newsletters, resident parties, resident appreciation day, and other money wasters, REALLY REVOLUTIONARY LEASE RENEWAL STRATEGIES focus on the four fundamental items that our residents really want! The seminar begins with the economics and financial justification for a solid resident retention program. This is followed by an extensive discussion of how to use the entire term of a resident’s lease to cultivate the lease renewal. We end with some concrete lease renewal strategies, including two specific lease renewal programs. These strategies are effective even with aggressive rental increases! REALLY REVOLUTIONARY LEASE RENEWAL STRATEGIES will challenge the traditional lease renewal efforts and procedures of the apartment industry and introduce a number of new renewal strategies that focus on flexibility and solid economics. The foundation of the seminar is simple: whatever renewal strategy can most enhance the value of the property is the RIGHT strategy. This one will stretch the brains of your onsite folks!

The Service Technician as Leasing and Renewal Consultant

Not a seminar to teach your service technicians how to lease apartments, the service technician as leasing and renewal consultant is a half-day presentation that focuses on creating a “team effort” involving all onsite employees in the marketing and re-marketing (retention!) efforts of the apartment community. This presentation instills new pride in the maintenance person’s importance and contribution to the leasing and resident retention efforts of the property. This is one of our most popular presentations! Topics include:

  • The high cost of a resident turnover.
  • What residents REALLY want and how the maintenance department is the primary deliverer of these wants.
  • The service technician’s contribution to the leasing effort.
  • Basic Fair Housing for service technicians.
  • Every apartment community’s resident retention “Secret Weapon” (Yes, you guessed it!).
  • Maintenance etiquette on the property and in an occupied apartment.
  • How to Do Right . . . even when you don’t feel right.
  • Communication basics – getting what you need as a maintenance professional.

Success Through Teamwork

Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress, and working together as a TEAM is SUCCESS. This four-hour presentation teaches effective team leadership and membership concepts. The focus is communication, conflict resolution, team diversity, and team motivation as they relate to a group of human beings working toward a common objective, goal, or “mission.” This is not just a leadership seminar; rather it is a seminar for all members of a team. You might call it a “team membership” presentation. It ends with a section on decision-making from a personal standpoint; that is, how do I “decide” to be an effective team member or leader?

The Resident is Not the Problem

How to Handle Resident Problems and Problem Residents. Sure, the customer is always right . . . but what about when the customer is not right? The interaction with residents is one of the biggest stress inducers of many apartment personnel. Demanding apartment residents cause much grief and sometimes burnout of our onsite folks. This three- to four-hour presentation teaches the property management professional how to identify resident “problems” and “problem residents” and provides creative and effective techniques for dealing with both. A proper response to all residents not only increases resident retention but also enhances the onsite person’s effectiveness while reducing employee turnover due to so-called “resident abuse.”


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