Marketing Topics

  • Big League Marketing on a Little League Budget
  • Apartment Dollar and Sense
  • Why Apartment Reviews are Important
  • Why Your Blog Matters
  • How Social Media is Changing the Way You Do Business

Big League Marketing on a Little League Budget

More than just a collage of trendy ideas, this presentation teaches the “concepts” of impactful and effective apartment marketing: “People, Product, Price, and Promotion.” The focus is not simply on “advertising” but rather getting all other aspects of good marketing in place before spending those advertising dollars. People selection and development, product preparation, establishing competitive rental rates and incentives, and determining your best target market are discussed as they relate to producing the highest possible net operating Income for the community. The fundamental message of BIG LEAGUE MARKETING ON A LITTLE LEAGUE BUDGET is that if you understand and apply the apartment marketing basics, it is not necessary to spend Big League Bucks to make a Big League Impact.

Apartment Dollar and Sense

Apartment Economics for the Onsite Employee is a basic (and very interesting) overview of apartment economics. This presentation includes information on current apartment economic and development trends, as well as what to expect in the future. The seminar looks at the apartment industry from the owner/investor’s point of view, helping the onsite personnel understand why an owner may make certain decisions and policies that on the surface level do not seem to be in the property’s best interest.

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