Mystery Shop Reporting and Analytics

Mystery Shop Analytics

Mystery Shop Reporting and Analytics

All Mystery Shops include access to Ellis’ customer dashboard with reporting and analytics from the broadest view to the most granular detail. These views are drill-down capable based on property, region, state, and more, as well as by organizational role, so that information is available and disseminated based on the customer’s preferences.

Our mystery shop dashboard is capable of custom reporting and analytics per company and per user. Ellis Partners provides the most comprehensive mystery shop reporting available, including:

  • Fair and unbiased feedback
  • In-depth written evaluation
  • Audio and/or video recordings (optional)
  • Technical and emotional/customer interaction reporting
  • Ellis’ exclusive Customer Experience 5-star rating evaluation (onsite shops)
  • Performance-based training modules based on outcome of mystery shop
  • Accurate, prompt, and professional review of every mystery shop report
  • Real-time reporting on our customer mystery shop reporting and analytics dashboard
  • Summary data reporting and download capability
  • Participation in our quarterly exclusive Nationwide Ellis Mystery Shop Benchmark

Ellis Mystery Shops deliver alert-based mystery shop reporting via e-mail and real-time mystery shop reporting based on user permission levels.

Mystery Shop Push Reporting includes but is not limited to:

  • Completed Mystery Shop Report
  • Quarterly/YTD Mystery Shop Summary Reporting
  • Quarterly Ellis Nationwide Mystery Shop Benchmark Reporting

Mystery Shop Dashboard Reporting and Analytics include but is not limited to:

  • Understanding trends by shop type, sectional scores, and customizable data points
  • Specific KPI reporting based on type of shop and metrics measured within the shop
  • Prioritizing action items/accountability through color-coding
  • Understanding performance by region, VP, RM, and more
  • Ability to rank by top and bottom performers
  • Understanding technique and customer experience overall and by question
  • Providing access to historical shop data
  • Providing access to action planning/training modules
  • Offering data exportable as PDF and XLS