MYSTERY SHOPPING: Retention Strategies for Property Owners


If you are a property manager or owner, how often do you have the opportunity to make it to the site to evaluate the apartment marketing or maintenance? What level of customer loyalty are your onsite professionals breeding?

Many property management companies use a third party provider to conduct apartment mystery shopping for them. The mystery shopping company contracts with a large number of individuals who can pose as real prospects at your rental community and provide a prompt and accurate evaluation of their customer experience.

Mystery shopping can help you learn what your potential renters are encountering when they contact your apartment community over the phone or internet, in addition to what they observe when they visit in person. Mystery shops come in all shapes and sizes – ask an apartment mystery shopping company what types of services they offer.

A great mystery shop is not just complaining about what went wrong. Your mystery shopping provider should be your partner in your customer loyalty and resident retention efforts. Creating a great customer experience through objective customer feedback about operations at the property level is the first step, but adding valuable training can really boost retention and help build customer loyalty.