*S*A*F*E* Leasing: EXECUTION

With Systems in place to monitor and measure onsite performance, a method to encourage and enforce Accountability, and a Focus on your goals… there has to be Execution.

SAFE – Systems * Accountability * Focus * Execution

SAFE Leasing is so named because its key concepts represent a style of leasing that is both effective and “good” for the leasing professional, the rental prospect and the owner. This comprehensive sales and leasing program puts more prospects into apartment homes!

Top companies create training programs and Systems that make leasing professionals accountable to specific lease production performance expectations. They use shopping report evaluations and other tools to create Accountability that provides feedback to the individual leasing consultant while spurring the onsite team to higher performance levels. The intense Focus is on the property goals and the owner’s objective of increasing the value of the asset. Yet, even the best strategic plans and well-designed systems are for naught without Execution.

Well-planned good intentions do not amount to any measurable difference unless they are executed!

This final aspect of SAFE leasing, the “E” in the word SAFE, is the most important. With no execution, even the greatest marketing and leasing plan cannot produce positive results! Execution implies that a leasing plan has been proven effective as measured by the final results. The means have justified the end! The leasing team has used well-designed Systems as their tools and has remained Focused on their goals. Periodic monitoring and feedback combined with ongoing training and coaching have kept the leasing professionals and their teammates Accountable to goals and objectives.

It sounds like one big party with everyone just pitching in! WRONG!

If it were THAT easy, every company would be equally successful. Some make the mistake of thinking that once the marketing plan has been written and the team has been trained, the job is done. It has been said, “If you fail to plan, you should plan to fail!” There is some truth to this, but the best plan never implemented is simply a bad plan!

The ability to execute a plan comes from a combination of preparation and desire. Successful companies provide effective training, both formal and informal, along with a clear understanding of the corporate expectations and measurable goals. The team members are further motivated to properly execute through a system of rewards and penalties. Accountability in these top-performing companies is high, as team members are anxious to prove they are capable to achieve results! Successful Execution is easy to identify by improved shopping scores and MOST importantly, more leases!

Execution is never an accident.

It happens because corporate leadership knows where they want to go. There is clarity of purpose and a common image of what success will look like. The right people are in place, prepared and motivated to reach their target. In leasing, that goal might mean a specific number of leases per month on an individual basis or it could be a targeted closing ratio over a set time period.

Whatever the situation, real Execution requires a defined, measurable goal that when reached will be easily identified.

Execution is knowing where you have to go and there being no question when you have arrived!