*S*A*F*E* Leasing: FOCUS

With Systems in place to monitor and measure onsite performance, and a method to encourage and enforce Accountability, you must now Focus on your goals.

SAFE – Systems * Accountability * Focus * Execution

SAFE Leasing is so named because its key concepts represent a style of leasing that is both effective and “good” for the leasing professional, the rental prospect and the owner. Systems allow the management company to monitor and measure onsite performance. This creates Accountability that provides feedback to the individual leasing consultant while spurring the onsite team to higher performance levels. Becoming Accountable to specific training, performance, and expectation, these Systems sharpens the team’s FOCUS helping them to concentrate intensely on the property goals and see clearly the owner’s priorities.

Systems           √

Accountability          √

Now… It’s all about FOCUS!

S*A*F*E Leasing Requires “FOCUS”

Focus is the discipline to concentrate your efforts, resources, and attention on a particular objective or goal. A company’s Focus becomes its primary area of concern and responsibility.  It should receive the company associates’ full enthusiasm, energy, and concentration. All successful management companies create training curriculum, promotions, mandates, and rewards that help their teams remain focused.

As part of the ongoing training initiative, companies may choose to Focus on identified ‘problem areas’ – seeking to correct one behavior at a time – in order to capitalize on the positive return from that simple change. But Focus STARTS in the initial training of onsite associates – something we refer to as Leasing 101.

Many organizations offer a “Leasing 101” type class which lays out basic principles of sales based on their corporate philosophy. It is best that new employees learn and understand company goals and priorities from day one. You cannot expect new employees to read your mind about what is most important to you as a company!

Planting the seed of Focus from the very beginning and nurturing it with ongoing reinforcement keeps your team members from losing sight of the goal even in the toughest conditions or rental markets. Even mistakes and disappointments of the past can be used as learning tools to reform Focus. Evaluating the current process in an ongoing fashion, makes it possible to affect change where needed to shift or regain Focus where it has gotten off track or been lost.

Set goals, communicate those goals, and focus on achieving them…it is as simple as that!

Heard of “Focus Factor”?

It’s a supplement regimen that claims to help users stay on track and better concentrate on important tasks.

If only the apartment industry had such a performance enhancer!

Your company and property goals should be in writing – simple and specific – for all team members to have in hand. More than a mission statement or company motto, your ‘focus factor’ should be a clear and sharp set of directives and measurable goals that each team member uses as a map for today’s activities and efforts.

Team Focus does have a long-term impact…but it is also a “right now” kind of compass that should reveal our immediate plan of action!