Self-Guided Tour Mystery Shop

  • Begins with an individual posing as a customer (mystery shopper) either conducting a telephone shop of the apartment community or setting an appointment online and conducting a self-guided tour onsite
  • Evaluates telephone and/or website experience, as well as the prospect’s experience with the self-guided onsite tour and follow-up after the visit

A self-guided tour mystery shop measures the telephone presentation conducted by a leasing professional or the website experience of inquiring about a self-guided tour, plus an in-person visit for a self-guided tour of the property and apartment (a leasing professional does not accompany the prospect on a physical tour). Self-guided tours make it faster, easier, and more convenient to view and lease an apartment, for prospects and leasing professionals alike. While self-guided tours allow more flexibility, they also minimize opportunities for your team to positively impact the sale. From initial contact to the self-guided tour process, and the final follow-up, these self-guided tour mystery shops will let you know just how effective your efforts are and where opportunities exist for improvement. Included with this shop are a written report, the audio recording of the call if applicable, and online access that provides data summaries of all shops.

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