• Seminar training can be delivered in half day or full day increments. This in-person training includes a handbook as well as an accompanying presentation to help keep participants on track.

Nothing beats the engagement and energy of a live presentation. Ellis’ speakers are dynamic and effective teachers and trainers who will connect with the onsite professionals and make an immediate impact on performance. We are confident of our delivery skills; your team members will enjoy and be motivated by our training. They will also make an immediate improvement in performance. We have excellent leasing training material in place that has been proven effective in the onsite apartment leasing environment. Yet, there are special nuances to each community/market and we will adapt our material to accommodate your company policies as well as apartment leasing best practices.


Leasing Fundamentals and Basic Sales Skills
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Lease Renewal Strategies

Factors in and Improvement of Resident Retention
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Marketing Topics

Effective and Economical Apartment Marketing Ideas
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Webinar Training

Concise and Powerful 30- 60-minute Web-based Training
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