Nadine Peiffer-Seitz

  • Strategic Performance Consultant
  • EPMS/Edge2Learn

Nadine is a learning and development enthusiast with a passion for working with individuals, teams and organizations to help them unlock their full potential, grounded in growing their emotional intelligence. In her previous position as a Director of Enterprise Talent Development, she focused on improving learning and development practices to support the needs of today’s learner, leveraging technology solutions and establishing the right framework for continuous learning.

Nadine is a transplant from Duesseldorf, Germany who moved to Orange County, California in 2004 after graduating from the University in Muenster with a degree in Educational Science.

She is a certified DISC, MBTI and FIRO-B practitioner and facilitates experience-based learning sessions, which are grounded in Emotional Intelligence, to build knowledge, skills and abilities.

Experience and specialties include Leadership Development, Classroom & Virtual Facilitation, Talent Analysis and Talent Calibration, Change Management and Leadership, Coaching and Development, Performance Consulting, Project Management, Curriculum Redesign, 360 Degree Feedback.