Stand Out From the Crowd During Leasing Season


Leasing season is here!  It is your time to shine and stand out from the crowd.  And the fact is that simple and effective follow up is a simple way to do that.

Did you know that 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect?  48%!  That is huge!  That number most likely gets even higher during busy leasing seasons, which means your opportunity to be better than everyone else isn’t all that difficult.


The first thing you need to do is think about your value proposition.  I’m not talking about mission statements or fluffy marketing messaging.  A value proposition is a statement that summarizes why  prospects should be leasing from you.  This statement should convince a potential prospect that your community will add more value to her life than any other community, or in the very least, solve a problem.

Before you open your doors tomorrow morning, make sure your entire team knows what your value proposition is and be ready to include it in all follow up conversation.


Up next is lead management.  If you haven’t already gotten your leads in order, time is up.  Getting caught up with past leads now could create significant leasing opportunities.  When was the last time you personally contacted leads from 90 days or 9 months ago?

Don’t forget that the people that didn’t lease from you last season might be up for a renewal again this year.  Reaching out now to reconnect could lead to a very lucrative spring season.


Finally, allow your prospects to self-qualify.  This means you put it all out there.  Your prices, reviews, lease terms, availability, etc.  Don’t make your prospect hunt for information.  They don’t want to pick up the phone, but they want to get all the information they possibly can about your community before they commit to walking into your office.  Providing the necessary information online creates a better user experience and prevents you from spending time with unqualified leads.

Presented by:

Misty Sanford, Founder
North of Creative