The Art of Follow-Up


Did you know it takes about five follow-up opportunities before movement with a sale? Thus, tenacity is key to getting the sale. Only 8% of people actually take the time to follow up, so this can be great news for you.

The First Steps

Become a resource before you attempt to sell. This will create inherit value for your potential customers. This will also allow you to find out what the problems are early on and provide solutions. You are the service; be open to creating a connection with your potential resident.

What is Good Email Follow Up?

Following up instead of giving up creates opportunities. The opportunity may not be with the prospect walking in your door, it may be their referral to a friend. You truly never know. Email is still relevant as a marketing tool and it converts better than social media. It thrives because you can personalize and it is a very familiar channel.

Provide Background Info – Make sure they know you remember them and remind them of who you are and what you discussed.

Add Value – Share details about a new floor plan becoming available or a new restaurant in the area as well as answering their questions.

Don’t forget about the benefits! – Remember, apartments are more a commodity now, than ever, so do not forget to remind prospects of the benefits of your community and why now is a good time to move in. Remember to keep it short and confident.

Share a Call to Action – Do not leave an open-ended closing to your emails. Be specific so that your prospective resident can take action. Do not be afraid to be specific or ask them about moving the conversation forward; assume they want to further the conversation and want to chat with you.

Create a Smile – This enables people to feel happy about the exchange they had with you.

Know When to Follow Up – Do not email at the beginning of the week as their email is going to be flooded on Mondays. Also, make a point to learn your prospect’s communication style. Do not stress if they do not follow up right away, they may not be on email as often as you.

Don’t be Passive Aggressive – Pay attention to this in your third through fifth follow-up. Do not make assumptions and pay attention to your tone.

Winning Phone Calls

Bridge Previous Conversations– Remind your prospect of highlights of previous conversations.

Always Smile– You can actually hear a smile and doing so will help warm up a cold customer. It also makes you appear confident.

Final Tips

Focus on building your tribe through a combination phone and email campaign. This tribe will include people who care about what you say and do. You will be able to track who is opening your emails and when so you can learn the best times of the day to send them. Be sure to choose the right tools. This data, whether collected with online tools or spreadsheets, will allow you to nurture the relationship.

Follow-up can be the difference between signing an ideal resident and losing them to your competition. A thoughtful follow-up process can truly set you apart in your potential resident’s eyes.

Presented by: 

Misty Sanford, Founder
North of Creative