Video Shop

  • Begins with an individual posing as a prospect (mystery shopper) conducting a telephone shop and who is equipped with a hidden video camera to conduct an in-person visit to the apartment community
  • Provides audio and visual understanding of the telephone and onsite presentation

Carried out onsite by apartment mystery shoppers equipped with a hidden camera, video shops offer the most comprehensive glimpse into a leasing professional’s performance. Ellis Partners will professionally edit and deliver a copy of the video via a secure link to our website. Unlike other apartment mystery shopping companies, our video shops do include a written evaluation of the results. Particularly beneficial to management companies is the ability to see first-hand the body language, facial expression and interaction between a leasing professional and a prospect. In addition, video shops also provide a glimpse of the actual community. This type of shop requires more lead time given the logistical coordination of equipment and specially certified shoppers, as well as the professional editing and production process. Ellis also requires its clients to sign a consent form, given the legal situations present in most states. The average delivery time for video shops is six to eight weeks.


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