What to Say When You Follow Up


Tenacity Results in Sales

It takes five consistent follow-ups before a customer will seriously consider a sale. However, this type of persistence does not have to take place every single day. Instead, plan out your follow-up steps based on the way your individual customers want to hear from you.

Remember, 44% of salespeople give up after one “no.” To avoid this pitfall, you can ask prospective customers questions about why they are declining the sale. This will give you information to determine what their needs are as well as the possibility of turning the no into a yes.

The First Steps

Become a Resource

Rather than make it a “sales call”, become a resource. Consider your job to figure out how to solve a prospect’s problem. During the conversation, a prospect may mention their general likes or dislikes, such as a music festival happening down the street. If you have a music festival coming up near your community, you should call and mention it to them. This can count as a follow-up!

You are a Service

Give your prospects a taste of how responsive you will be when they are a resident. To practice this, work to shift how you think about your residents. Rather than thinking about them in terms of their unit number, think of them as individuals in terms of their likes and dislikes.

Body Language

Use your body language to send the right cues to your prospect. Your body language should convey that you are open and willing to create a dialogue with them. Examples includes smiling, eye contact and open arms.

Tips to Consider:

• When communicating with written word, use words that are relationship-oriented rather than corporate jargon.

• Smile while you speak on the phone; people can hear your smile.

• Remember, follow-up creates opportunities; even if not with the current prospect, it can lead to referral opportunities.

Avoid “Sales Mode”

Nothing worth having comes easily and this includes a sale. Do not sell by pressure or using carbon copy scripts. Instead, share valid and real information without the sales hype.

Make sure your prospects know how to find quick, basic information online. Everyone is busy and many people need to multi-task, so make their lives easier. They will pick up the phone and call when they have more questions.

When you pick up the phone to call your prospect, make sure you have something unique and personally applicable to share. Do not use the “just following up” phone call reminder as it feels very sales-based from the start.

Be Confident

As a salesperson, you should sound calm and self-assured. When you sound either anxious or overconfident, it can be perceived as a lack of confidence. Here are some suggestions to help you maintain your confident exterior:

• Never use this phrase, “Would you mind”. It sounds passive and gives the impression you are inconveniencing them. Instead, ask the prospect directly to complete the form or take a look at the information; doing so will boost confidence in you.

• When you call your prospect, do not start by asking if they are available. Just start the conversation and the person will tell you if they are not able to have the conversation at that time.

• Avoid using qualifiers in general. Instead, confidently move forward with your next action. The prospect will redirect you if needed.


Follow-up Should Be All About the Prospect

Your emails should be personalized to your prospect, not simply a generic review of your community amenities and offerings. Take some time to figure out how to make it all about them. Remember, your focus is to solve their unique problem.

What You Share Must Have Substance

Make sure the information in your correspondence is not something they can simply find on the website or in the marketing material. Make sure it’s new and interesting. For example, you can send your updated availability or a new idea or solution to a problem they expressed previously. You could also send them information about upcoming resident events.

Make Your Follow-up Easy to Follow

This comes down to how you write and speak. Keep your sentences short and concise. If you have longer sentences, make sure to punctuate appropriately. Take the time to write an email that is clear and gets to the point without causing confusion. If you are not comfortable with how you write, take an online course to help with grammar. Poor grammar can damage your credibility!

This is the Time to Customize

Make sure to include information about this specific prospect in your communications. Do not send carbon copy emails to every single prospect. Remember, your goal is to make them feel included and personally connected.

Be Direct and Honest

This especially applies to availability. Being direct and honest will build and maintain your credibility.

Final Tips

Focus on Building Your Tribe

Use social media and marketing to create a dedicated group of people who love your community and what you have to offer.

Nurture the Relationship

Provide exclusive information about what is opening up around town. Drop off or provide dog treats in the office. There ae so many ways to add personal touches to show your prospects and residents that you value the relationship!

Presented by:

Misty Sanford
North of Creative, Founder