6 Reasons to Resuscitate the Pen and Paper


Unlike email, handwritten notes are unusual. They take minutes or even hours to draft, each word carefully chosen with no “undo” or “auto-correct” to fall back on. Composing a handwritten note involves selecting stationery, paying for stamps, and visiting a mailbox. This indicates investment .and creates value. According to the U.S. Postal Service, handwritten letters are only received once every two months, so it’s clear why they would mean more than an electronic communication.

 When was the last time you received a handwritten note in your personal mailbox?

The power of a handwritten letter is underestimated. Utilizing handwritten notes will leave a lasting impression in your residents, prospects and customers’ minds. Evoking emotion will help win the buyer, every time. Below, you will find 6 reasons you should resuscitate the pen and paper:

Reason #1: It’s Personal 

Customers who feel they are treated as individuals will be more loyal to your brand.  A thank you note is a low-cost way to make a more personal connection with your prospect. Your brand alone is not enough; you need to trigger an emotional response from your customers.  

Reason #2: It’s a Lost Art

As previously discussed, handwritten notes are rare in today’s technologically advanced environment. A personally written note is a treasure within a world obsessed with email and text messages. 

Reason #3: It Speaks Service 

It takes three minutes to write a thank you note while it only takes one minute to send an email. The lasting effect of a handwritten note is invaluable. Further, a thank you can go a long way in creating loyal customers. 

Reason #4: It’s a Differentiator 

In a digital world, handwritten notes are a great way to distinguish your company from your competitors. No matter how close your product, pricing or other features may be, you will be memorable in your customer’s eyes for adding that personal touch. 

Reason #5: It Conveys Value 

Composing a handwritten note boasts an investment of time. Your residents and prospective residents will recognize the value in that gesture and it will make them more inclined to build a relationship with your business. 

Reason #6 Meaning 

As mentioned previously, a handwritten note will make a lasting impression on both your current and prospective residents and may even drive them to refer other business to you. This is invaluable and is absolutely worth the three-minute investment in writing a handwritten note rather than an email. 

Bonus: 5 Ideas That Will Make Your Thank You Note Memorable 

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Write like you speak.
  • Mail it out no later than the next morning.
  • Insert your business card.
  • Ask another team member to sign it.

Presented by:

Maria Lawson
EPMS, VP of Training and Development