Leadership & Management: Developing Your Onsite Teams

3 Keys to Building and Maintaining Employee Engagement

By Leadership & Management: Developing Your Onsite Teams

To have a great business, you need to build and maintain a great team of employees. To establish and maintain employee engagement, there needs to be an awareness of and attention to employee turnover. Every industry experiences employee turnover to some degree, but in the multifamily housing industry, recent employee turnover has topped 32%! What’s more, every 10% of employee turnover results in about 3% resident turnover. It’s essential to manage employee turnover through career development and employee engagement to keep your community team shipshape. Read More

3 Ways to Eliminate Stress Through Mindfulness and Meditation

By Leadership & Management: Developing Your Onsite Teams


You may find yourself struggling to manage the stress caused by the expectations of today’s changing climate on top of all your other responsibilities. When we’re bogged down by stress and anxiety, it makes it much more difficult to be focused and productive, thereby making our to-do list grow longer and longer. However, you can work to eliminate stress through mindfulness and meditation. Read More

7 Important Things to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Fair Housing Compliance

By Leadership & Management: Developing Your Onsite Teams

Everyone in the multifamily industry should be familiar with the Fair Housing laws, but there is a lot to remember. Here’s a scary thought – you are held accountable and subject to consequences for violating Fair Housing laws, even if you are not aware you’re doing it! With this in mind, it’s important to carefully and thoughtfully consider policies and procedures to ensure you and your team are in compliance with the Fair Housing Act. This is especially true as you work to navigate the unfamiliar and rapidly evolving state of business during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll discuss some tips and ideas you can use as a sort of preventative maintenance for Fair Housing compliance. As you work through the decision-making process around your policies and procedures, remember to think beyond today. Consider the impact your decisions will have both today and further down the road. Read More

10 Secrets of Today’s Most Productive Multifamily Executives

By Leadership & Management: Developing Your Onsite Teams

The state of business today, particularly within the multifamily industry, is evolving immensely. You may find yourself struggling to manage everyday duties that used to come easily before all the change, so this is an ideal time to examine some tips and practices to help streamline our productivity. Here, we’ll discuss 10 secrets of today’s most productive multifamily executives that you can apply in your own career to help you regain control. Read More

7 Leadership Skills Your Team Needs from You Now

By Leadership & Management: Developing Your Onsite Teams

Strong leadership is crucial now more than ever to help your leasing team maintain success. The current atmosphere demands leadership skills applied in some unique ways. Findings from a survey by Leadership IQ in June 2020, of more than 21,000 employees of varied roles and backgrounds on how well their leaders were performing, revealed these 7 leadership skills your team needs from you now: Read More

FRIENDLY Leasing. FAIR Leasing. Friendly FAIR HOUSING Leasing.

By Leadership & Management: Developing Your Onsite Teams

*Note: Always be sure to check with an attorney before implementing or changing any Fair Housing policies in your community!

Fair Housing can feel like a very delicate subject, but don’t freak out about it – it’s a great tool to create value in a number of ways! Fair Housing laws make sense because they help ensure people are treated right. It evens the playing field and takes away the guess work to allow for good sales and leasing. It also enhances resident loyalty and relations when all of our residents feel they are being treated fairly and equally. Read More

The Power of Presence – Maximizing Your Best Feature

By Leadership & Management: Developing Your Onsite Teams

In the residential property management industry, we strive to promote the best features of our community, but many of us miss out on one important feature – ourselves! The service and human presence we bring to the community should not be overlooked, rather it should be touted as one of our strong selling points. We’ll discuss how to make sure you are bringing your best self each day as well as effective ways to sell the benefits you bring to the table. Read More



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