Creating a Learning Culture

Building a positive learning culture starts with involving your team in developing relevant, engaging content. If your organization is in need of some work to improve your training, understand that it can be a slow process and may not happen right away. A great starting place to build a positive learning culture would be to […]

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Shopping Report Data Integrity: 4 Reasons to Resist the Temptation to Take the Flawed Win

Lying businessman holding fingers crossed behind his back

Data integrity is the overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data. Integrity is the starting point. When you have shopping report data integrity, you are working with accurate data that can be analyzed and measured. While the temptation to adjust the data in your direction can leave you feeling good in the moment about your […]

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3 Keys to Building and Maintaining Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

To have a great business, you need to build and maintain a great team of employees. To establish and maintain employee engagement, there needs to be an awareness of and attention to employee turnover. Every industry experiences employee turnover to some degree, but in the multifamily housing industry, recent employee turnover has topped 32%! What’s […]

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10 Secrets of Today’s Most Productive Multifamily Executives

Successful black businessman working hard in office

The state of business today, particularly within the multifamily industry, is evolving immensely. You may find yourself struggling to manage everyday duties that used to come easily before all the change, so this is an ideal time to examine some tips and practices to help streamline our productivity. Here, we’ll discuss 10 secrets of today’s […]

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