10 Leasing Hacks to Establish Yourself as a Multifamily Leasing Leader

Portrait of a smiling young man in business suit with female client giving her keys to new apartment after signing lease

Business is booming in multifamily! Everyone is busy (and probably stressed) and we’re all looking for ways to streamline our process and make the most of our efforts. We’ll explore 10 leasing hacks to establish yourself as a multifamily leasing leader. 1. Be Attractional The Attractional Selling Model says that to be an effective salesperson, […]

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7 Key Things to Consider When Deciding on Leasing Specials and Incentives

Real estate

The multifamily industry is experiencing a unique climate as it navigates the challenges of this COVID-19 marketplace. New constructions continue even as demand is decreasing and rental rates are on a downward trend. What does this mean? Well, it’s the perfect time to consider and thoughtfully implement concessions and specials to continue to drive a […]

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6 Steps to Keep Mystery Shop Success Simple and Straightforward

Happy entrepreneur working with thumbs up

If you’ve worked in the multifamily leasing industry long enough, chances are you’ve been the subject of an apartment mystery shop. This experience can elicit an array of responses from stress and defensiveness to excitement and pride. Everyone wants to perform well on mystery shops and receive positive feedback, and when this doesn’t happen, you […]

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Tips for Successful Leasing Presentations in Unprecedented Times

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Recent times have brought about unprecedented change in the multifamily housing industry! Many of us are finding ourselves “relearning” the job we thought we knew so well. From virtual tours to self-guided tours and back around to reintroducing guided tours, we’ve had to get outside our comfortable routines and adapt to frequent change. This can […]

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Leasemakers Part IV: Closing – The Bottom Line!

Young couple meeting construction planner

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Leasemakers apartment sales training series! As we’ve discussed in the previous three installments, there are two major components of a sales interaction: the telephone presentation and the on-site presentation. You’ll remember that each of these two components include four parts: greeting, qualifying, demonstration and close. This discussion will […]

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