Sales & Leasing Techniques: Tips and Tools to Get the Sale

10 Leasing Hacks to Establish Yourself as a Multifamily Leasing Leader

By Sales & Leasing Techniques: Tips and Tools to Get the Sale

Business is booming in multifamily! Everyone is busy (and probably stressed) and we’re all looking for ways to streamline our process and make the most of our efforts. We’ll explore 10 leasing hacks to establish yourself as a multifamily leasing leader.

1. Be Attractional

The Attractional Selling Model says that to be an effective salesperson, you must be both engaging and assertive and that a balance of both will help you to be the most successful. If you’re very engaging, but not very assertive, you’ll be perceived as nice, but may not be very successful in closing multifamily leasing deals. On the flip side, if you are very assertive, but not too engaging, you may be seen as pushy and off-putting. (If you’re neither engaging nor assertive, you’ll send the message that you don’t care – yikes!)

2. Identify What Sets You Apart

It’s crucial that you identify the things that set you or your community apart so that you can clearly communicate to your customer why they should choose you. Ideally, you’ll find ways to convey this in convenient little morsels. Ask yourself how your customer’s life will be better if they choose your community.

3. Serve, Then Sell

Some of the more common mistakes prospects say multifamily leasing professionals make are:

  • Rushing through the presentation
  • Providing generic information
  • Being boring
  • Being “sales-y”

Take the time to serve the customer at their level. Work to create trust and build a connection, even if it takes a little extra time.

4. Use the “Happy” Response

When a prospect calls and asks their initial question, respond with:

“I’d be happy to help you with that! Who am I speaking with?”

Once you have their name, take the opportunity to personalize by addressing them by name and saying:

“(Name), just in case we get cut off, what is the best phone number for me to reach you?”

This is a great way to get the telephone conversation started and prevent yourself from losing control of the multifamily leasing conversation.

5. Walk Through the Website

Use the website as a multifamily leasing tool to work through the conversation. Ask if they’ve taken a look at your website and if they have, ask them what about the community attracted them. If they haven’t, suggest they take a look. You can direct them to the site to sell the things they’ve told you are important to them.

6. You Need to Know What Your Customer REALLY Wants

Ultimately, you want to narrow down what exactly your prospect is looking for. What is important to them; what do they really need to make a home? If you can dig in and find this answer, you’ll be able to figure out how to give them what they’re looking for.

7. Speak THEIR Words (Literal and Emotional)

Of course you need to understand the basic features and amenities the prospect is looking for, but you also want to understand the ‘feel’ they’re seeking. When you speak to the customer, use their own words to affirm you’re listening. If the prospect tells you, “I really want an apartment with a red door”, respond with “Okay, you’re looking for an apartment with a red door?” This also comes in handy when you’re touring and you can point out, “You mentioned stainless steel appliances were your preference…”

8. Sell with Benefits

Remember as you interact with your prospects – Features are facts; benefits are the desired feelings and experiences reached through those features. For example, “We have onsite maintenance (fact), so that you can enjoy worry-free living. (benefit)” Anytime you can, work the benefit of a feature into your multifamily leasing presentation, especially if it pertains to something they told you was important.

9. Look Into the Lens

When you are providing a multifamily leasing virtual tour, look into the lens, not at your screen. This will help you to connect with the prospect on a more personal level.

10. Asking Made Easy!

If you’re still feeling a little uncomfortable asking for the sale, try this method:

  • Review the apartments you looked at.
  • Specify the details of the first apartment.
  • Specify the details of the second apartment.
  • Ask which one the prospect prefers and then wait for a response.
  • Validate the choice – “That’s a great choice!”
  • Ask for the SALE – “Do you want to take it off the market?”

Bonus: Use Videos to Multiply Your Efforts

Create a few short videos of various apartment floorplans so you’ll have them to send to prospects to help your multifamily leasing game.

Share with us how you were able to use these 10 leasing hacks to establish yourself as a multifamily leasing leader.

5 Keys to Making the Most of Telephone Leads

By Sales & Leasing Techniques: Tips and Tools to Get the Sale

Whether you’re brand new to the multifamily industry or are a seasoned veteran, you understand the telephone is a major tool of the business and making the most of telephone leads is key to your success. Today, there are a variety of methods to receive and process the telephone calls received by your community including:


  • Conventional on-site office phone
  • Calls forwarded to those working from home
  • Answering services or phone trees
  • Resident services or concierge
  • Hired call centers

No matter how you’re receiving your telephone business, 5 keys to making the most of telephone leads

1. Set Your Morning Up for Daytime Success

Work to set yourself up for success starting as soon as your day begins. How does your morning go as you prepare to go into work? Are you snoozing the alarm? Are you switching on the news while you brew your coffee? Think about what sort of headspace your morning routine is putting you in. Strive to arrange your routine to help you find a calm, focused and positive outlook for the day. Avoid the continuous stream of stressful news. Wake up early enough so you’re not in a rush. Prepare what you’ll need the night before so your morning will run smoothly. As you arrive at the office, are you still thinking about yesterday? Allowing your focus to be on the past instead of the present will end up creating a repeat of the day before. Instead of dwelling on what happened yesterday (good or bad), let it go and start with a blank canvas for today.

2. Time Management and Organizing Your Day

What is the first thing you do when you get to work? Are you easing into work-mode or are you jumping in feet-first? Consider dedicating the first hour of your day as a focused administrative hour. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish! During this hour:

  • Decide on Your Goals – Before you even arrive, decide what your goals for the day are.
  • Set Up Your Knowledge – Review LRO and availability, make a ready board, review upcoming dates and appointments and walk vacant apartments for a quick inspection.
  • Learn to Tolerate Distractions, Interruptions and Customer Service – Understand that distractions will always be a part of your day and learn to continue to work in spite of them. Discover to identify how and when you may need to multi-task. You may be busy taking a call when a prospect or resident walks into the office. You can continue your call and non-verbally acknowledge them with a smile or wave.
  • Decide When to Do Follow Up – The best times to reach out to your leads are between 8 AM and 10 AM and between 4 PM and 6 PM. Remember that follow up isn’t just about “checking a box”. If you want to close leases, you need to provide genuine follow up to help your leads decide on your community. You may have to reach out multiple times; many agents are not successful closing until the 6th call!

3. Slow Down

Be mindful of how fast you talk on the phone as this is a factor in making the most of telephone leads. Slow down and make sure to listen! Just because your caller may be talking fast, it doesn’t mean they’re in a rush. Sometimes you can modify the speed or tone of the telephone call just by slowing your own pace. When the caller is talking, take the time to listen to what they are actually saying rather than trying to jump ahead and assume before they’ve finished.

4. Do the Hard Thing First

Knock out the hard jobs first thing in the morning while you’re fresh and have a good momentum. After you’ve completed your administrative hour, reach out to confirm your appointments for the day. After all, you’ve already put in the work on the call, so don’t allow your visits to fall through the cracks. Try to make it original so your prospect will take notice and your community will stand out, even if you feel a little corny.

5. Squeeze Out Every Drop

When your day is in full swing and you’re taking calls, be sure you are making the most of telephone leads by taking everything from the call that you can!

  • Ask the prospect about what they’re looking for in their home and then give them time to answer on their own. This will give you a better, more customized idea of how to sell what you have.
  • Create a sense of urgency! Let them know other people have asked about their apartment today. Emphasize limited inventory, if applicable.
  • Really sell the features and benefits. Don’t just list the features in the apartment; relate them to the benefits associated with each feature. Even though it may feel like stating the obvious, it’s worth the extra few seconds to really get the prospect to imagine living at your apartment community.
  • Be prepared to effortlessly address objections. Take some time to talk with your team about ways you can address objections that may come up about your apartments.
  • You need to ask the right questions to get the right answers. Ask why they are moving and really listen to what they have to say for hints about what you need to provide.
  • Become a storyteller! Don’t just run down a plain list of the features. Talk about what it’s like living there and paint a picture of what life in your community or in their apartment will be like.

If you use these 5 keys to making the most of telephone leads, you will surely be successful.


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