Closing Techniques


Don’t sell an apartment. Sell yourself.

I have news that might come as a surprise. You’re not selling apartments. Nope. You’re selling yourself.

If you want to keep your residents and prospects from straying to competitors, never stop selling. More specifically, never stop selling the value you provide.

We’ve all heard the saying “The sale begins after the sale.” That is especially true in the apartment industry, because we provide homes. Things are just getting started when a lease is signed, so make sure you don’t see your residents as someone else’s responsibility. For example, if your resident has a problem with their dishwasher, you should be involved. Everything is a representation of you.

Because you are always selling, we have a few closing techniques to help you sell more than just apartment.

1. Set goals
People with clearly defined goals are significantly more likely to succeed. Include goals for the entire team and don’t forget maintenance. They play a huge role in your success. Don’t forget to share your progress regularly.

2. Listen more
Do not talk about yourself. Do not talk about your apartments. Do not deliver a sale pitch. Let your prospect have the spotlight, and they will reveal all sorts of information you need to close the sale.

3. Sell with questions
When you ask the right questions, your prospect will provide the answers you need to close the sale. Work to identify your prospect’s pain points. What are their major dislikes about their current home? What made them feel the need to visit your property? What is motivating them to move?

4. Have a conversation
This takes us back to the very first statement. You are selling yourself, not an apartment. People want to connect with you. They want to feel like they are having a conversation with a friend. Switching to sales mode or a selling with a script is never appropriate.

5. Remove fear
To remove fear, you have to sell value. It is also important to set expectations for the entire process. Make the upcoming experience completely transparent.

6. Plan the next step
This is where it usually falls apart for most of us, myself included. At the end of every interaction with a prospect or resident, plan the next step.